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So close on Aerolith 7s

Since the NSC last August, I've been expanding my word knowledge fairly regularly, mostly by studying on the train to and from work. I've noticed that it's definitely helping. The biggest benefit to regular practice is that my anagramming speed has improved dramatically. When doing the Aerolith 7s and 8s, I often used to get stuck with about half a column unattempted when time ran out. Now, I tend to whip through the list getting at least half of the answers with a minute or two to spare, which I can use to go back and work on the ones I didn't instantly recognize.

A couple months ago, I finally got 100% on the 6s, and today I came so close to 100% on the 7s. I only missed EINSSTW (which I've seen, but forgot one of the anagrams) and ACDIPTY (which I've never seen, though I know CDHIPTY). So close. I'm more consistently getting in the 80-90% range on the 7s these days. It'll happen soon.
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