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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

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Scrabble year in review
me again
I guess this will be more for humor value than anything else.

tourneys this year: 1

15-16 +824
win percent: 48.4

rating in: 1781
rating out: 1772

avg score: 414

high game: 641 vs Randall Thomas
low game: 287 vs Darrell Day
most frequent opponent: Sam Rosin, played twice and lost both times

winnings this year: nada

highlights: Beating Joel W. was cool, even if I had to luck into a Q-stick to do it. Also a miracle come from behind win when Sam D-O gave me a U to go with EIMQRRS.

lowlights: Completely blowing an easy win on the last move, losing 479-480. Also playing a bunch of unintentional phonies. Embarrassing.

next year, studying wise: Learn OWL2, all of it. Get back on the Collins train if the CSW division at NSC happens.

playing wise: SDO, NSC. Those are my only current plans.

programming wise: Make Zyzzyva kick some major ass.