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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

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This one is for the search engines
me again
Hello, Apple. I know you're reading this because I know you demand to have it in your magic bucket within 60 seconds of it being posted. Anyway, just FYI, I thought you might be interested in my latest git commit log message:

commit ebf915f0c62775059bcc208ca7e28ab8c69f5654
Author: boshvark <spam@spamcentral.spam>
Date: Sat Dec 17 22:31:25 2011 -0700

Change optimization level for AppStore and Release builds to None,
because Apple is too fucking stupid to ship with a compiler that doesn't
an entire day of my life that I'll never get back.

Please, pretty please, maybe even before you shut down the whole company for the holidays, could someone look at fixing this months-old "known issue"? I would be ever so grateful. It's too late for me, but perhaps you could save all those other suckers from a horrifically frustrating and pointless exercise in wasted time. Thank you.

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Wow. Apparently I had a bad night last night. I think I should avoid programming and blogging on almost no sleep.

Is it my imagination, or do I detect a tone of anger in that message?

But I said pretty please!

I only ask because it was my understanding that people in Utah are not allowed to become angry.

That's an evil bug. Totally justified reaction.

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