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Aw dang it, you guys

One of the reasons I decided to book up on OWL this year is because I discounted the possibility of Collins at the 2012 NSC. Now that there will be a Collins division (yes there will), the plan must be reevaluated. Curse you all for making me think.

So here's the new plan. I signed up for the San Diego Open in April not only because it will be a fun tournament, and I've never been to San Diego, but also because there is no Collins division to make me feel conflicted. Just the honest truth here. Las Vegas would be awesome and easily within driving distance, but I wouldn't feel right playing either lexicon there. The timing just isn't right for me.

I'd really like to play Collins at the NSC, though, and it's far enough out that I think I can do it. So I'll be studying OWL-only through April, then make the switch back to Collins again. I think that will give me time to get through a good portion of OWL before confusing the hell out of myself with Collins, and give me a few months to get back up to Collins speed before August. Yeah, I think that will work.

On a side note, I think I need to play online more. One disadvantage of playing Collins out in the Utah desert is that I'm the only person with any real interest in it. The local club is not likely to want to switch before a switch officially happens, and the nearest tournaments are about a thousand miles away. I could direct one myself, but I'll have to check my schedule and then get back to you after I stop crying. So anyway, more online play for me. I assume that's how most of you are playing Collins as well? Unless you're lucky enough to have real live opponents, you lucky luckboxen.
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