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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

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Magic moments
I'd say about 90% of programming is lining up all the ducks so you can easily knock them down with one shot. And then if you need to knock them down again later, they're still nicely in line. I love the magic moment when you finally get to take that shot.

For the past week or two, I've been ripping out a bunch of UI and core functionality in the Zyzzyva iPhone app so that I can reuse it not just for searches, but for quizzes too. About five minutes ago, I finally put everything together well enough to get this first quiz screenshot. The quiz isn't really functional yet, but the questions really exist and they were pulled from a real SATIRE search.

From here, I just need to set up all the quiz stats bookkeeping, implement loading and saving, implement cardbox, probably work on database stuff, and do a crapload of UI work. The app will still probably look like crap for the initial release by the end of the year, but I don't care too much. The functionality is the thing, and the polish will arrive soon enough.

EDITED TO ADD: Four hours later, I now have the ability to walk through questions and get answers just like Flashcard Mode in Zyzzyva. It works! I've finally invented something that works! I think I'm going to use it to study random 7s and 8s while I'm falling asleep tonight. Two magic moments in one night is a lot, and makes me sleepy.

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awesome! can't wait to download it.

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