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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

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100% on Aerolith 6s
me again
After several close calls in the past few weeks, I finally got 100% on the Aerolith 6s daily challenge today. I didn't even have to do too much random guessing. I've been studying words of all lengths 2-8 every day for a couple months now, and it's really been helping. For the 6s, I've made it through 5,700 out of 15,788 words, or about 36% so far.

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that's pretty good! it's about as far as I got in TWL, I think. (I've only studied the top 3k sixes in Collins because priorities.)

Thanks! I expect to get through all the 6s in another 4 months or so, then the 7s another 4 months or so after that, and finally the 8s after another 3 months. At that point I'll start thinking about Collins again.

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