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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

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4000 and counting
me again
My study plan is still on track so far. I just hit 4000 for 6s, 7s, and 8s. That's about 25% of the way through the 6s, 17% through the 7s, and 13% through the 8s. Wow, there are a lot of 8s.

Many of the 6s are new because I've never studied 6s, but a lot of them are also plural forms of 5s and singular forms of 7s. All of the 7s are still pretty familiar, but I'm starting to get into some 8s I'm sure I've never seen before. Some but not all, because I'm currently studying by probability with 0 blanks, whereas I previously studied by probability with 2 blanks. A few words from today that I'm sure will come in handy: NOTORNIS, SETENANT, SONORANT. Nice for getting rid of doubled Ns and doubled vowels.

It's gratifying to start getting some new words to miss, instead of just ironing my hands because I keep missing the old ones. I kid, but I'm actually finding that my anagramming speed has gone way up since I started studying again. It's not unusual for me to see solutions within about a second of seeing the question, whereas when I started I had to think quite a bit about almost every anagram. I used to run out of time on the Aerolith 7s and 8s, but these days I usually have at least an extra minute for making wild guesses at everything I missed. It's a good thing my speed is improving, since my cardbox is getting bigger...

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told you you should do 0 blanks :p

in all seriousness, the only reason I ever suggested 0 blanks is that it allows you to do back of the envelope calculations about whether you've seen a word lately or not by using stopwords. I don't really do this anymore, but it was nice knowing back in the day that ANVILTOP was 5000 and that was all I knew.

Yeah, I used this technique just yesterday when an opponent played POTENTS#. I didn't really like it, but first I had to figure out if I would have seen it lately by determining whether I had seen POTTERS lately. Eventually it will be nice to know that I have seen them all, but until then this is a helpful technique. The stopwords thing is also an interesting idea, I might try that.

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