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Scrabbling for Mastery

a patzer's journey

Trick or treat! I have a wonderful message for you.
me again
I hadn't planned on dressing up for Halloween, but this morning on a whim I decided to put on a white shirt and tie. This qualifies as a costume because I never really dress up that much, even for church.

When I arrived at work, three ladies smoking in the parking garage scowled at me despite me cheerily saying hello to them, and when I got on the elevator to go to my office, they opted to take the next one rather than get in the elevator with me. I thought that was a little odd, and wondered why they treated me that way.

Then it struck me. With my white shirt, tie, and backpack, I look just like a Mormon missionary! Well, except for the long hair, the beard, the tennis shoes, the lack of name badge and no companion. So I've decided to be a bad missionary. Someone at work suggested I should be an atheist missionary, so I thought I was going to do that. Here's a funny video I was starting to use as a model. But then I hit on a new spiel, as follows.

"Hello, I am a personal representative of Aristotle, and I would like to share with you a wonderful message about the correct usage of the phrase 'to beg the question'. Would you like to know more?" If someone says no, I write a toll-free number (1-800-BEG-THEQ) on the back of my Beg the Question pass-along card, and give it to them. No converts yet, but I know the field is white and ready to harvest. Halloween is the perfect time for evangelism, since I'll be going door to door anyway. Gotta run. It's time to do some good!