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SOWPODS definitions

Thanks to many people whose names I will actually remember and mention in a post to the Zyzzyva users group, Zyzzyva will have SOWPODS definitions for all OSWi base words up to length 8, plus inflections. I always forget how much tweaking it takes to prettify large amounts of data, even with my trusty servant Ruby to help. I've been working to get these definitions into Zyzzyva format for most of the past five nights or so. I hope I haven't poisoned my brain too much with British words, but I tried to pay as little attention as possible while paying as close attention as possible. I'll be doing some spot checking tomorrow, but other than that, I think the word list is ready to roll, and I plan to announce it on the Zyzzyva list either tomorrow or Thursday. Now, time for bed.
Tags: scrabble, sowpods, zyzzyva

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